Starbucks Ireland Twitter Fail: Coffee Chain Asks Irish Followers Why They're Proud To Be British, Issues Apology (TWEETS)

While Irish and British relations have clearly improved over the past decade, confusing an Irishman for a Brit probably isn't the best way to win business.

According to the Guardian, Starbucks Ireland seems to have forgotten that when @StarbucksIE tweeted a promotion coinciding with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration.

The tweet quickly sparked anger among Irish followers on Twitter.

Fortunately for Starbucks, it turns out the tweet was a mistake and was actually meant for their audience in the UK.

Starbucks was last in the spotlight when it introduced the use of a red dye made from crushed insects into its strawberry flavored drinks.

The coffee chain later reversed the decision after vegans and vegetarians protested the controversial ingredient.

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