Starbucks' Halloween-Themed Frappuccino Isn't Exactly Appetizing

When vampires and chocolate meet.

Frappuccino lovers wanting to get in the Halloween spirit can now grab a bloody and chocolatey "Frappula Frappucino" from Starbucks.

The vampire-inspired drink is made with white chocolate sauce, mocha sauce, whipped cream and of course, it's drizzled with raspberry syrup for a bloody-looking addition.

It's available from Oct. 28 through Oct. 31 in the U.S and through Nov. 1 in Canada. Participating stores in Europe and Latin America are offering a variation of the beverage -- a créme-based Frappuccino with strawberry sauce.

This isn't the first Starbucks Halloween-themed beverage. Last year the company launched a "Franken Frappuccino" made with green tea in the U.S and Canada.

Happy sugary Halloween!

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