Starbucks Now Offers Artisan Treats That Look An Awful Lot Like Pop-Tarts

We grew up on toaster pastries, Starbucks. You can't fool us.

Starbucks’ menu is a veritable cornucopia of sweet treats. The brand consistently gives customers what they want, whether it be summery granitas, birthday cake frappuccinos, or sugary confections like the caramelized honey latte. Now, Starbucks is rolling out a new tart in stores nationwide, and it looks suspiciously like the breakfast staple of your youth: Pop-Tarts.

The tarts are actually called “Megpies,” and they’re the invention of NYC-based baker Meghan Ritchie. Ritchie began her business selling sweet treats from her front stoop in Brooklyn. “It originally started as a bake sale once a week,” Ritchie told The Huffington Post. “Then it was bike deliveries to cafes that were along my commuting route.”

Ritchie’s breakfast pastries gained popularity at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg market, and began selling like hotcakes in local coffeeshops and businesses. Megpies are made with a flaky pie crust, filled with jam and covered in frosting. Now we’re getting major Toaster Strudel vibes.

While Ritchie had never had a Pop-Tart before creating Megpies ― GASP ― she sees why people draw the comparison.

“I will say that Pop-Tarts are excellent for what they are, and I can totally see why people love them and have grown up loving them,” Ritchie said. “The difference in ours is that ... it’s more like eating a real pastry that’s been baked by a human.”

Starbucks began selling Megpies in select New York City locations before deciding to distribute the treats nationwide. The pastries will be available in two flavors: strawberry and cinnamon + brown sugar. Megpies sell for $3.95 a piece, although cost may vary. Given that a box of 16 Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts will run you $3.68, Megpies aren’t the most economical breakfast pastry out there. However, they are all-natural, giving them an edge over Pop-Tarts, which boast ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup and enriched flour.

So if you’re in the market for a fancier version of your favorite childhood treat, Megpies seem like a pretty safe bet. But if you’re looking to save a little cash while also getting your breakfast pastry fix, we’d recommend the quick and dirty route: throw a Pop-Tart in the toaster and scarf it down in traffic on your morning commute. Works every time.

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