Starbucks Wants You To Spend $200 On A $50 Gift Card For Your Mom

It is not just the thought that counts.

If only words could describe how much you love your mother for her endless supply of unconditional love, her sound advice, her warm embrace. While words are not enough, apparently Starbucks thinks paying $200 to buy her a $50 gift card can say it all.

Starbucks has made it easy to show Frap-happy moms how much her children care with the exclusive gift card, called the "Limited-Edition Mother's Day Premium Starbucks Card." It will provide dear mama with $50 worth of coffee-related goodies, but it'll cost you four times as much to give it to her.

The extra $150 gets mom a metal, laser-etched card with "floral details" and a "ceramic finish." The wallet-sized gift comes packaged in a "beautiful gift box with matching design," which your mother will, no doubt, repurpose as a shrine to hold photos and memorabilia of her favorite child (you).

starbucks mothers day gift card

Starbucks is providing free shipping for the gift, but don't tell your mother that. She'll be glad to know your love, which she measures in dollars, overflows like the coffee poured by an over-caffeinated barista.