You're Not Going To Recognize Starbucks' New Spring Cups

Wait til you see these cute doodles.
03/09/2017 04:09pm ET

Starbucks fanatics, prepare to freak out.

The coffee company announced Thursday that it’s introducing three new cups for spring. The pastel cups ― which come in blue, green and yellow ― are the first Starbucks spring cups ever. They arrive March 16 in the United States and Canada, and will be available for a limited time only.

Each size of cup is designated its own color, featuring white dots and cute little spring-themed doodles.

So cute! 

They’re a complete 180 from the usual Starbucks cups.

So very minimalist and mermaid-less. 

Considering the hype that always surrounds the red cups Starbucks releases every holiday season, it makes sense the company would trying switching things up.

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