Starbucks Rant Song: Employee Fired After Making YouTube Video

WATCH: This Video Got This Guy Fired From Starbucks

Christopher Cristwell, a 25-year-old California man, was fired from Starbucks on Tuesday after posting the "Starbucks Rant Song" to YouTube, the Boston Herald reports.

The video features the now former Starbucks employee, clad only in his underwear and the iconic standard-issue green apron, strumming his guitar and complaining about annoying customers:

Hey Mr. A**hole/six breakfast sandwiches?/I got a line of angry customers/to hell with this/you've got a gang of noisy kids/can you shut them up/I just want to draw a middle finger on your cup.

Although he posted it two months ago, it's just now going viral, and getting a little more attention than Cristwell had originally intended.

"I made this video not for the customer, with whom I love deeply, and not for my managers, with whom I respect and appreciate, but for my fellow baristas," Cristwell wrote on Starbucks Gossip in response to comments posted about the video. "If I was able to provide just a few with some comedic relief after a stressful shift, than I can accept the consequences of my actions."

But Starbucks didn't see the comedy in it. In a statement released on Wednesday to the Merced Sun-Star, Starbucks spokesperson Alan Hilowitz said, "While Christopher was expressing his own views in the video, the disparaging remarks about our customers and company are unacceptable and out of line with our commitment to our customers and partners."

Cristwell, who worked in a Starbucks in the Central California city of Chowchilla, said that there is some truth behind the lyrics.

"I'm being incredibly honest about the work experience for a lot of Baristas that work for Starbucks," Cristwell told KFSN-TV's Rick Montanez.

All that said, however, Cristwell misses working as a barista. He posted a second video on Tuesday after he was fired in which he talks about how much he loved his job, his co-workers, and yes, the customers.