Starbucks Says Ad Targeting Undocumented Immigrants Is 'Completely False'

Trolls behind the ad were hoping to lure Dreamers and call ICE on them.

Starbucks says promotional posters offering undocumented immigrants a discount this Friday are not real. 

The fake ads being circulated online have the Starbucks logo and advertise a “Starbucks Dreamer Day,” during which undocumented immigrants can supposedly get 40 percent off the menu.

One poster also misspells Frappuccino as “Frappacino” while trying to convince Dreamers they could get the drink by using the coupon code “Unafraid.”

“This is completely false,” a Starbucks spokesperson told HuffPost on Tuesday. “Starbucks is not sponsoring any such event.”

The company’s Twitter account has also attempted to shoot down the fake event by responding to users who are posting the false information. 

The idea for the fake posters seems to have originated on a 4chan thread Wednesday. Users brainstormed what terms to use in order to make the fake ads believable and some even suggested calling Immigration and Customs Enforcement on any immigrants who showed up.

“Love it,” one user wrote about the plan. “Sp*cs are dumb/cheap enough to fall for this.”

But Twitter users who noticed Starbucks’ response to the posters have begun to warn others about the bogus ads. 

In January, Starbucks released a statement in response to several of President Donald Trump’s executive actions. Former CEO Howard Schultz said the company supported the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and also vowed to hire 10,000 refugees.

At the time, Trump supporters began a #BoycottStarbucks campaign in response to the pledge.