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Starbucks Is Testing A New Tiramisu Latte

That latest iteration of the dessert-drink.

Move over, Caramel Flan Latte. There's a new dessert-inspired beverage in town. Starbucks is testing out the Tiramisu Latte, Brand Eating reports.

The new flavor is a blend of espresso, mascarpone flavor and cocoa espresso powder. The Starbucks Blog describes it as: "another scrumptious dessert reinvented into a handcrafted drinkable delicacy."

We wonder how similar the latte tastes to Starbucks' Tiramisu Cake Pops. (And in the same breath we wonder, "Is this really necessary?")

Reactions have varied so far:

Some are enthusiastic:

Some are disappointed:

Some are already over it:

And others are so moved they're unearthing phrases we haven't seen in a while:

Tiramisu's coffee flavor makes it an obvious choice for the newest dessert-disguised-in-steamed-milk. But it seems like Starbucks is introducing a new latte flavor every other day. Will this one stick?

The drink is currently available in stores in St. Louis and Jacksonville, FL.

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