Stargayzing With David Munk: On the Red Carpet (VIDEO)

Andy Warhol famously said, "In the future, everybody will be famous for fifteen minutes." But even with the proliferation of reality TV, viral Internet stars, and daily digital overload, the actuality is that fifteen minutes has become fifteen seconds, and that fame sure ain't what it used to be. Most people still live their entire lives without the perks of fame. I myself have lived much of my life in proximity to fame without ever having experienced it myself, a fact that -- if I'm honest -- makes me both happy and sad.

Given all this, I decided to slip on my persona of wry gay host (or "ghost") and see what effect dragging a custom-made, portable red carpet around Brooklyn and Manhattan would have on the people I met. In my new Stargayzing man-on-the-street piece, see what happens when I ask people to step on to my magic carpet. Only ostensibly about fashion, the question "What are you wearing?" was really just an ice breaker to get real New Yorkers to talk about whatever was on their minds.

This piece originally appeared on "Like" Stargayzing on Facebook.