New Children's Book Put Tears and Stars in My Eyes

Starry Night, Hold Me Tight by Jean Sagendorph (author), and Kim Siebold (illustrator), draws you in first because of its eye-catching illustration; its colors glow, serene and calming. What holds your attention is the simple, warm, loving and heartfelt verse. "Starry Night, hold me tight. All is calm, all is bright. Big Bear hugs, morning, noon and night. Momma's love helps Baby soar like a kite." I loved the book's treasure trove of calm messages to children: love, sharing, politeness and prayers. And, I have to admit when I first read it, it brought tears to my eyes. It's that adorable.

I shared it first with a friend's toddler who was captivated by the colors and the verse. The toddler easily repeated certain words back to me, like, "hugs," "Momma," "snowstorm," "prayers." I was pleased to see bedtime prayers addressed and I asked Ms. Sagendorph about this. She told me, "I believe in taking a moment to assess what we have rather than what we have not." Classy. Just like all the things you'll find in this charming book.

I'd like to add that although this book is for ages four to eight, and my child is grown, I still buy children's books for her future children. So I was delighted when I found Starry Night, Hold Me Tight to give to my daughter for her upcoming 21st birthday, to add to her classic keepsake collection of best children's books.