Stars Play the (Hair) Parts at SAG Awards

Side parts took center stage at the SAG Awards 2016.
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Side parts took center stage at the SAG Awards 2016.

If you were looking for a trend, it was all over the place, and it's a great lesson to see on the red carpets, that we can dramatically change our look just by playing with the part, switching it from side to side and wearing it way down, or by putting it down the middle.

Sarah Hyland and Lily Rabe, along with Molly Parker, did deep side parts for the red carpet walk into the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Then we saw the ever-so popular middle part, as worn beautifully by Emily Robinson, Amanda Peet, Hannah Murray and Eva Longoria.

Heavy bangs were also a hit this year, worn by Christina Ricci and Stephanie Drake.

For color, reds were what I saw trending toward spring, in warmer, lighter, coppery tones. Amy Poehler, Ellie Kemper and Hannah Murray all had their hair in these warmer reds. Christina Hendricks rocked the strawberry blonde along with Nicole Kidman.

Hair was beautiful at the SAG Awards, a focal point without overshadowing the 'dress.' Hair made a statement while letting the eyes and lips shine. Look at top knots worn by Kaley Cuoco and Queen Latifah for gorgeous examples.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are one in a stream of major award ceremonies that start each year with a parade of stars, trend-setting fashions and hairstyles. We just watched The Golden Globes and the Critics' Choice Awards. I'll be at the 58th Grammy Awards on Feb. 15. Soon after that we watch the Oscars.

One of my favorite actresses at the Golden Globes, Kate Hudson, wore her hair in simple, sexy soft waves in a blend of different blonde shades. Parted down the middle, she went with a popular no-fuss style. Olivia Wilde had a similar style but in a different flavor with darker roots, something we've seen a lot of recently, and some balayage treatment for that sun-kissed natural look and some highlights around the face.

Not surprisingly, we saw some of this at the SAG Awards but each of these events has a distinct tone. The Golden Globes are pretty formal, all about film and television, of course. The Grammys are all about music and tend to have a few more surprises ... Can't wait!

A few things shared by all these events are the red carpets, the well-dressed elite and a massive audience that circles the globe, and that's why we watch.

Love change!