No matter your resources or your situation, divorce isn't an easy transition for anyone.
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Friends At A Dinner Party
Friends At A Dinner Party

"Help, I need somebody. Help, not just anybody," sang The Beatles. Anyone going through a divorce needs a lot of support. No matter your resources or your situation, divorce isn't an easy transition for anyone. You are faced with a whole new way of living and when someone extends a hand, it can have a very positive effect.

So where do you turn for support during and after divorce? Who will understand what you're going through? I suggest starting your own divorce support group. Speaking with a group of people who are currently going through or have gone through the same trials and tribulations as you are will have major benefits. You can be there for each other, whether it's to vent about your ex or to enjoy life in a whole new way. Just like a spouse, your divorce support group should be there in good times and bad. The difference here is that this support group will not divorce you. And the positive energy that you create as a group can push you all forward to the next stage of your lives.

Summer is a great time to create a divorce support group in your area. Not sure what do to with your divorce support group? Here are six ideas:

Pick-Me-Up Picnic: For a local get together, there's nothing like a picnic in the park. Bring some snacks and a blanket and soak up the sun as a group. It will be a great pick-me-up and remind you all about the simple pleasures in life.

A New Wave: Get the group together and head to the beach. You all survived the tidal wave of divorce. Now it's time to ride the next wave of life.

Potluck Dinner: A different person in your support group should host a potluck dinner each month. Cuisines such as Italian, Indian and Mexican will add some flavor to your evening. You can also do a vegetarian potluck party. This will bring a new twist and present some dishes the group may never have thought of or tasted before.

Movie Night: Meet up at the movies twice a month as a group and take in a film together. It's always fun to share popcorn with friends and enjoy an escape for a couple of hours. If there's time, head to a coffee shop after the movie and talk about how your new lives are playing out.

An Open Book: A divorce support group should start a book club. It's so important to recommend and share books that are helping you in love, life, business and spirituality when you are coming through a divorce. Grab your book and head to the park and read. A book recommended by another person who has been through a divorce could change your whole outlook on life.

Group Convo: When you get together, take a moment to voice how each of you are doing with the divorce. Take turns speaking to the group. You're all going through this together, so it's important to reflect how you're all feeling and the progress you're making. Rome wasn't built in a day and divorce can be a big mountain to climb. But with a little help and advice from some fellow divorced friends, you can get to the top of that mountain together a bit easier.

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