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The Best Egg Dish You Can Make On A Sheet Tray

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We love bread--maybe even more than Oprah does. We're also all about sheet tray meals, which make life (and cleanup) a little bit easier. This breakfast focaccia combines both of those things: The fluffy flatbread has sausage, bacon, red peppers and eggs inside it, and it's cooked right on the tray, making it the perfect dish to get your day going.

The success of this dish hinges on the eggs: We use balls of tinfoil to make wells that become the cooking vessels for the eggs. After you crack in the eggs, pay close attention to make sure you pull out the focaccia while the yolks are still runny (watch the video). If you like your eggs soft or hard boiled, then let the bread go a few extra minutes to reach your desired doneness.

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