Start Now! It's Your Time.

As another year approaches I ponder if I will ever be able to make my dreams come true and whether this year will finally be “My Time”. My time to make my dreams come true, my time to finally set a definite turn in my life, something or just anything that will set a drastic change in my life. I think of myself as an ordinary woman in search of her life true realisation. Yet often times I question- “ can I, an ordinary woman live an extra ordinary dream?”.

Why are we, at times, scared to let go and move forward and live that dream and forget those hardest moments in our life. We’ve all had times in our life that we wish we could push out of our memory and our head all together.

As I read the latest posts on Facebook, I read how other ordinary women share their hopes and strengths united and adamant in finding hope and living our life’s dream and passion.

I believe that in every woman there’s a silent hero, a hero that no matter what will always, even when faced with insurmountable adversity, cry out for help or for someone to just listen to the sound of our pain.

Women from every corner of the world and nationality, race and language are sharing their voices and making their pain hearable by us all. Yet, sometimes, the solution is not in the next Facebook group or meditation cd, all these only validate that we are not alone in our agony and hope to find a solution.

The words used to express even the deepest emotions go beyond the lamenting of a tired woman. What I hear is a wailing for help, from someone to be heard and acknowledged in her struggle.

The beauty that I see in ordinary women is their relentless wish and desire to aspire to a higher self to live an abundant life. Somehow we all want to heal our life of sadness, of a broken heart, of desertion. We all desire to live a life of plenty instead of being stuck in a belief of scarcity.

For many years that inner voice, what I call the “Frankenstein” in my inner conversation has held me back from enjoying a life of possibilities. I found that journaling has helped me get that inner voice out and confront her in her ugliness and beauty, because all she is is the sound of my fears.

I find comfort, solace and beauty in the words spoken by other women, women like me. We have all been daughters, sisters, maybe mothers or grandmothers. Or a wife, single or divorced woman. Whatever and whoever we are, a woman’s struggle and pain is every woman’s struggle and pain. There is no difference between us, creed or colour or political affiliation do not divide us not even our income level defines us. When we give birth we experience the same pain, when we divorce we experience again the same pain. When we lose a child we feel the same heartache, when sickness strikes us we fear for those we’ll leave behind. Thinking how will they manage without me?

Our feeling of fear is the same. We all at one point or another in our life have felt a need to move forward but somehow we’ve constantly shut-it down because we were scared. Scared of not having enough time, not enough energy and not being good enough to do what we dreamt of doing.

We have been in a place where we didn’t think we could find a better relationship, and so we stayed despite our better judgement.

All of the above feelings not only unite us but have made us unable to move forward. Yet the decision to move forward and change the way things are rest solely on us and our inner conversations. For as long as we don’t map out our future we will be moving forward wondering which direction to go. It’s important that we map out our future so that we will have a clear path ahead of us. We all have the ability to change and move forward, it isn't written anywhere that we should live a life of what ifs. So here’s to a future that has not been written yet.

A future where we can draw our map to navigate to our extra-ordinary dream and life. Where I can be anything I want to be and I can be whoever I choose to be.

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