9 Ways To Start Your Own Revolution

The Leaderless Revolution (Blue Rider Press, $10.99) is a guide to what's wrong with the current system and how to put it right. Judge the current economic and political system by its outputs: rising inequality, climate change, and mounting economic volatility. Things are not going as planned.

Across the world, and in the Occupy Wall Street movement, the shouts of protest are getting louder. But will protest alone be enough? Experience suggests otherwise. Instead, we need to consider new methods of political change. Not lobbying politicians, not signing petitions, but action, by ourselves, now. This is the old school way - if you want something done, you've got to do it yourself.

Here are 9 principles to consider in guiding that action. This is a different form of politics where we set up better systems to replace the old: non-profit banks, cooperative companies, and truly inclusive participatory forums of decision-making. And this method - non-violent, consulting those most affected -- offers a route to real and lasting change, not more "politics as usual."

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