'Start Talking. Stop HIV.' GIF Campaign Raises Awareness About HIV Education And Stigma

HIV awareness has now taken on a new and exciting face: GIFs displayed in Times Square in New York City.

 Creative studio YoMeryl recently composed a series of GIFS -- collectively called "Start Talking. Stop HIV." -- in order to raise awareness about HIV and the importance of getting tested.

New York City made the decision to play one of the GIFs in Times Square -- the piece premiered during New York's Pride celebration last month and it's slated to play  on a digital billboard there through July 31. 

"We love GIFs because they have all the pop of a well-composed image with the added fascination of endlessly looping video," Creative Director Sarah Zucker and Art Director Bronwyn Lundberg said in a joint statement. "When the project was brought to us, we were inspired by the Pop Art of Keith Haring, made in the early days of AIDS activism. We wanted to create our own visual language to apply to #StartTalkingHIV, the modern HIV Awareness campaign. We wanted to emphasize community and joy with bold colors and fun scenes, to show the vibrancy of our community when everyone knows their status."

Check out some other GIFs from the "Start Talking. Stop HIV" series below and keep an eye on more GIF-based campaigns from YoMeryl in the future.