Start the Presses: Leap Day Publication Rolls in France

It's Leap Day, a day when 40-year-olds can celebrate their 10th birthday, and the day that La Bougie du Sapeur is published once every four years.

Shout out to my friend Reuters Deputy Social Media Editor Matthew Keys, @ProducerMatthew, whose keen eye notified me of the eight previous editions, which means the publication is 32 years old if my Leap Year math holds.

Wikipedia has some backstory; the newspaper's name means "The Candle of the Sapper," from a character created by Georges Colomb in the 1890s. The original story was about a Leap Year baby who ends up recruited into the army at 5 years old because, as a Leap Year baby, you tend to miss a lot of birthdays. A sneak peek at this year's edition is available at Europe 1.

The satirical paper's founders are Jacques Debuisson and Christian Bailly, and Editor Jean d'Indy prints a robust 150,000 copies. The numbers are nothing to sneeze at, as it started as a humorous publication distributed between friends. Profits of the last edition went to an autism charity. La Bougie du Sapeur , and (probably in jest) you can get in on the action at 100 Euros for a 100 year subscription.

Seems like a steal.