'Start-Ups: Silicon Valley,' Bravo's New Reality Series, Debuts Trailer (VIDEO)

"Start-Ups: Silicon Valley" follows the journey of a group of hubristic young 20- to 30-somethings hoping to forge a path to mega-success in California's tech metropolis.

The show follows six determined Silicon Valley denizens: Ben, a British inventor and serial entrepreneur who "made and lost millions of dollars before the age of 22"; Hermione, Ben's sister and a trained journalist who is transitioning into her role as a savvy marketing specialist; David, the CEO of Goalsponsors, Inc. who is struggling to make ends-meet; Dwight, a dashingly handsome programmer; Kim, a Midwest native and founder of; and Sarah, who claims to be the Internet’s first “life-caster” by broadcasting, well, her entire life for the world to see.

Bravo recently released the "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley" trailer, and it's just as cringe-worthy as one might expect from a guilty-pleasure reality series. The clip shows the cast grinding their axes at work, lounging poolside and partying in their free time.


"Who can imagine that this will be anything other than the finest water-cooler fodder since 'Jersey Shore?'" CNET's Chris Matyszczyk asks. "One can only hope that the tech world is fully prepared to look itself in the moving mirror that is television."

Here are some noteworthy quotes from the trailer:

"I live, breathe, eat, shit, daydream my company."

"There's people that, like, work in tech that aren't, like, nerdy tech people."

"Geeks are definitely the new rock stars."

"I would say I'm living paycheck to paycheck, but I don't have a paycheck. So I'm just living."

"People have been intimidated because this package generally doesn't come with a brain."

"If you're not aiming for something a billion dollars or larger, why waste your time?"

Bravo announced its plans for "Silicon Valley" back in April. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's older sister, Randi, is signed on as an executive producer. Randi had been working with Facebook up until August 2011.

The series was inspired by the Academy Award-winning film "The Social Network," based on Zuckerberg's rise to Facebook success. The New York Times describes Bravo's new reality stars as "hard-partying youngsters vying to start companies in a frenzy reminiscent of the dot-com peak of 2000."

The Times also includes some tidbits about the "Silicon Valley" cast members, including Ben, who lives in a $17,500-a-month house (which has its own Twitter handle) with an outdoor pool and three levels of decks, and Hermione, who sold $50 tickets to her birthday party and lined up sponsorships to defray costs.

When news of the tech-focused reality series first surfaced, many voiced their concern over how the show will portray the Silicon Valley lifestyle.

"Start-Ups: Silicon Valley" premieres on Bravo Nov. 5 at 10 p.m. EST.