20 Things to do When You're Starting the Year in the Wrong Job

So you promised yourself last year that you would not be in the same job when New Year rolled round this year and here you are again? Rather than drowning your sorrow, like a sinking morello cherry in an overly sweet party cocktail, it's time to wake up and smell the New Year morning cappuccino.

1. Make a plan to ease to work you love, rather than handing in your notice when the clock chimes twelve. You're not Cinderella and your carriage out of there does not turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

2. Remember January can look gloomy to a lot of people after Christmas. Even if you're planning on getting a new career, it's a good idea not to blame everything on your current job as that will probably make you feel worse.

3. Plan something to look forward to in January. Ease the New Year gloom by planning an adventure. You could even plan an adventure relating to the kind of work you dream of.

4. Don't worry if you don't know what the right job is. Not knowing what the right job is isn't a good enough reason to stay in the wrong job forever.

5. Find a coach to work with. One that isn't phased by the stories you tell yourself about what's possible and what isn't.

6. Talk about your hopes for a different career with supportive people, not those who think you're just fine continuing, as your corner office is more important than eternal happiness or even a glimpse of it.

7. If you last looked for a job when people sent paper applications, you might need the services of a resume expert after you have worked with the coach to figure out what your right work is.

8. Don't be afraid of being high maintenance in all of this. If you can, use some of the money you're earning in the job you don't enjoy to help you figure out what you would enjoy.

9. Talk to people outside of your own industry. Get out of the office when you can.

10. Look for ways to make your current job more bearable even if you are planning to leave it. This includes things like scheduling time with your needs in mind and improving your office environment. You can always take the peace lily with you when you move out.

11. Dream and visualise what your ideal day would be like.

12. Keep current on your finances and expenses.

13. Don't take on new debt and if you can start paying off any debts that you have.

14. Save money.

15. Do something other than working or looking for your new career. You still need time for fun.

16. Consider looking for any ways you can move within your own organisation to find work that is a better fit even if you are still planning on to something completely different.

17. Notice what you love to do and what you don't. This will be great research into what might be next for you.

18. Notice when you are telling yourself that you are stuck and can't get out. Be aware that this is just what you are telling yourself and isn't necessarily true.

19. Don't waste a lot of time and energy moaning about your current job. Instead channel that energy into exploring what's possible for you.

20. Don't give up on yourself for you can do this. You choose when to begin.

Deborah Chalk is a Martha Beck Certified Coach who helps women find their true work. You can find her at www.deborahchalk.com where she offers a free first steps guide to your right work.