Mentor-less Without Direction: Where Will This Take You?

Mentor-less, connection-less and without much direction, I knew I was in for one hell of a ride when I started my company and decided to go full force with Lubna Designs and IL Moda Columbus. I knew I'd be making mistakes and regretting a few risks. I also knew that with my skill set and a few confidence building tools, that I would make it. I wrote my ideas down, set up a timeline, created a business canvass for my goals, and vetted the plan with people who I knew cared for my well being and the well being of my business.

I saw success very quickly and a few obstacles to thicken my skin. With success, came more opportunity and with opportunity, came some tough decision making. I told myself that if I think globally, but focus on short term and local milestones, I would accomplish my goals and adjust accordingly. With this, I realized that everywhere I went, there was a chance to talk about my business, be about my business and learn from others' mistakes and accomplishments.

Building a business is like climbing the tallest mountain with some serious terrain. I am learning, though, with great boots and water bottle, there is a way up. You need a lot of endurance, patience and support to take you from Step one; total ambiguity to Step 5; a positive score card.

I created a framework to actualize my process in order to apply my findings to other brand owners:

1. Study the brand: Discover what it represents. Where it has been and where do we see it going

2. Define: Figure out who the target audience is and how to reach them

3. Strategize + Design: Pilot results of steps 1 and 2 and refine our delivery

4. Implement: Carefully choose the proper presentation tactics and launch the master plan

With this foundation, I monetized the process and leveraged the strengths of the brands that I represent through IL Moda Columbus. Although I started without any guidance, besides my business relations background, I have met some incredible people along the way that have influenced me to do more and be more. Increasing strategic risk means allowing change to be in your favor and as soon as you do that, you see many doors swing open. As a fashion PR firm, I am able to take my expertise that I have learned over time with Lubna Designs and apply it to others' brands and labels in order to help them succeed and reach a whole new platform.