The 10 Hottest Startup Web Tools

Here's one big difference between building a company today versus ten years ago: now it can all be based in the cloud.

That's largely thanks to Web business applications, which have multiplied over the last decade and continue to pop up every day. For startups and small businesses, this has been great news since most apps are inexpensive or free and offer powerful, turn-key capabilities.

But with so many new services, the challenge today comes in choosing the best web apps in the market, and one piece of information every business operator wants to know is: what are other savvy businesses using?

To find out, our team at Bestvendor recently surveyed 550 startup leaders -- mostly executive management or marketing folks at companies with 10 or fewer employees -- regarding the web services they use for accounting, web analytics, productivity, design, and a range of other functions. Here are the 10 most popular, according to them. The full results are available on our business tools and hacks blog.