Where You Live Says A Lot More About You Than You'd Think

Where You Live Says A Lot More About You Than You'd Think

Turns out your state of residency says more about you than you think.

People in Illinois are competitive and less creative in their thinking, while residents of Vermont are incredibly introverted, according to a new study from Truity, an online company that offers personality and career tests. The site surveyed about 13,000 U.S. residents on psychological metrics to find out which types of people typically dwell in each state.

The report ranks states on psychology's Big Five personality dimensions, and we've gotta say the findings are utterly fascinating. People in Delaware and South Dakota tend to be incredibly neurotic, likely due to harsh weather, while those in conservative, rural states like Wyoming and Montana are highly organized, Molly Owens, Truity's CEO, told HuffPost Home.

The most surprising conclusion? Creative people -- or "Open Minds," as the survey calls them -- aren't only in coastal states like California and New York.

"Past studies have thought that more creative people lived only on the East Coast and West Coast, but we found pockets of creativity all over the country," Owens said. "If you're a creative, you can easily go to Oklahoma or Nebraska and find someone like yourself."

And THAT is welcome news. See what your state of residency says about you below.


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