Adorable Ad Reminds Us That Families Come In All Shapes And Sizes

A sweet new ad from State Farm reminds us that finding love is a bit more complicated when you have kids.

The clip, which the insurance group released this winter, shows a mom of one and a dad of two walking down the aisle to the tune of Etta James' "At Last." The parents are thrilled, but a few of the kids are a little skeptical of what they're witnessing.

"Your dad just kissed my mom," one of the little girls informs her new brother, clearly a little crestfallen by the whole affair. But eventually, the littlest members of the family hug it out.

Blended families seem to be having a moment in TV commercials. In September, we gave props to Honey Made for featuring stories from real stepfamilies as part of the brand's "This Is Wholesome" campaign.

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Blended Family Friday