This State Is Most Likely To Ask Google How To Make A Baby

And more embarrassing revelations from Google Trends.

“I just have to know,” you say to yourself, huddled over your keyboard in your hooded sweatshirt at 3 a.m. But whom to ask? Your friends are all asleep, and your dog is no help, so you turn to your old pal, Google.

You type it in. “How to make a baby?”

Chances are, you’re in Kentucky.

On the other hand, if the burning question that’s really on your mind is “How does sex work?” or the ever-pressing “Where is internet?” it’s most likely you’re in the great state of Texas.

Ryan Nickum, a blogger for the real estate site Estately, took a deep dive into Google Trends to find out which states Googled hundreds of commonly searched questions the most.

First, Nickum explained to The Huffington Post, he used Google's autocomplete feature to get a list of frequently searched queries. For instance, typing in words like “How to” produced questions like “How to make a baby?” as well as “How to open a jar?” and “How to get away with murder?”

Then, he plugged those questions into Google trends to figure out which state had the most instances of each question over the past 12 years. (In case you’re wondering, North Carolinians seem the most perplexed with jar opening, while Delaware residents are the most concerned either with this ABC Show, or how to commit a violent crime and not get caught.)

Nickum admitted that not all of the questions he plugged in came from Google autocorrect. A few, like “Who let the dogs out?” (which was most likely to come from South Dakota), he ran through Google Trends because he was just personally curious.

The infographic above showcases some of the most colorful questions, but you can head over to Estately to read the full list.



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