These Are Your State's Least Favorite Artists

Earlier this week, Paul Lamere of The Echo Nest released a map showing the most distinctive artist in each state, meaning the unique artist that each state listened to more than any other state. After many outlets declared this map to show each state's favorite artist, Lamere cleared the air by actually creating that map and explaining the difference between the two.

Now, using the app that Lamere built to examine the differences between states and regions, we have the least favorite bands in each state, courtesy of Randal Cooper.

Cooper put together three maps: the first limited to the top 50 artists on Spotify, the second limited to the top 100 and the third, top 200. Lamere also looked into the matter on his blog, Music Machinery, matching Cooper's top 50 map, and is the featured image of this post.

Check out Lamere and Cooper's maps below and share your thoughts in the comments. (Perhaps Maine should change their state motto to "%#!@ R. Kelly" in the near future.)

Top 50:
hated bands 50

Top 100:
hated artists 100

Top 200:
hated artists 200

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