This Is The State Of American Art

It's a basic assumption in certain circles that life ends west of the Hudson River, and doesn't start back up until Los Angeles. But there is one place even the prickliest coastal snob seems unable to resist: Crystal Bridges, the largest museum to open in the country's interior in a generation.

Funded by Walmart heiress Alice Walton, the show-stopping shrine to American art drew headlines the moment it opened in tiny Bentonville, Arkansas, simply for the fact of its existence. Five years later, the talk is about the art inside those famous glass walls.

In the latest issue of Huffington magazine, we take a look at the museum's current headline-getter. Unlike comparable exhibitions, "State of the Art" features artists who've often never made it into a museum before. To find them, two of the museum's staffers -- president Don Bacigalupi and curator Chad Alligood -- traveled 100,000 miles around the country. It was a curatorial adventure unlike any before, equal parts buddy comedy, great American road trip, and cultural reboot.

Above, SotA artists Vanessa L. German and Andy DuCett join Bacigalupi and Alligood in the HuffPost Live studios to discuss how it all went down.



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