Bipartisan State Of The Union Seating Draws Negative Reactions Online, Analysis Finds

ANALYSIS: Most React Negatively To Bipartisan SOTU Seating

For all the talk about bipartisan State of the Union seating, Americans don't seem to care much about the matter, according to a new poll.

Powell Tate's Polipulse, with the help of social analysis company Crimson Hexagon, analyzed online opinions via blogs, forums, Twitter and Facebook from Jan. 14 to Jan. 24 and found that some 65 percent of folks had a negative reaction to the gesture. Only 19 percent said it was a good idea.

Scroll down to see the full results of the poll. In the past, Crimson Hexagon has analyzed immediate Twitter reaction to Prop 8 being overturned and opinions on last year's American Idol.

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