State Of The Union Tickets Feature Major Misspelling: 'Uniom'

Spell check before you print? Yeah, that's the ticket.

Whoever printed out the tickets for Donald Trump’s first State of the Union speech must be feeling very “covfefe” right now.

Trump is set to deliver the speech Tuesday night, and it will likely be different than previous addresses ― as are the tickets.

It seems that some of the tickets misspell “union” as “uniom,” based on numerous tweets from guests who have their tickets in hand.

As you might expect, many of those people threw in snarky comments as a bonus.

Sure, the Trump White House has had its share of spelling and grammatical errors in the past, but this typo is actually the fault of the House sergeant at arms’ office, which is responsible for printing the tickets, according to Politico.

Laura Barrón-López, a reporter for the Washington Examiner, said new tickets with the correct spelling of “union” are being distributed.

In the meantime, people are enjoying the “reuniom” while it lasts.

Oh, and save those original tickets. They might be collectors’ items.

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