The Most-Searched Destinations In Each State

The Most-Searched Destinations In Each State

You think you're planning your own trip this fall. But what you don't know is that your state already planned it for you, months and years before your very birth.

The travel experts at Hopper did some research and drafted a map that predicts where you're likely to travel, based on the state you live in. The map comes from a study of online queries: it shows the international destination that people from your state search for in comparison to the national average, so that's why, based on population numbers, some states have the same destination. It is not, however, necessarily indicative to where people in your state travel to most often.

Oklahomans, for example, love to search for destinations within Mexico more than most. Some West Coasters prefer researching options in Thailand. From Louisiana? You could be headed down a Google rabbit hole to Honduras... how does your state stack up?


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1. Ocean City, Cape May County, New Jersey

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