10 million people are considered stateless, denied a nationality, “unrecognized citizens.” These are ordinary people living throughout the world. Stop just for a minute and think about what that would mean. You will be seen and treated as a foreigner in every country. You are not allowed to go to school, to see a doctor, to get an ID card, to buy a house or to even get married. You will have no freedom of movement. You may have no legal identity at birth and be denied a death certificate upon your passing. You may have never crossed an international border or you may have lived in the same country your entire life. This is a man-made problem and is unacceptable.

UNHCR has a plan to end statelessness by 2024. Learn more: “I Belong” campaign:

Join me in New York with MSF for an interactive, educational free exhibit: Forced From Home, looking at the 65 million refugees and displaced people in the world, to include the 10 million considered stateless.

Karen Stewart

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