'Staten Island Law': The First 5 Minutes (VIDEO)

They might look like ordinary housewives, but they're two fast-talking former prosecutors who know how to tell it like it is. "We're really good at telling people what to do," says lawyer Elura Nanos. "We're kicking asses and taking names all day."

Elura and Michele Sileo are attorneys and best friends who run a successful dispute resolution business in Staten Island. In the new show, "Staten Island Law" on OWN, they bounce around the New York City area as mobile mediators taking on sticky legal disputes. "The world just needs some common sense and two tough broads to tell it like it is," Michele says.

Luckily, these two are pros at being the boss. As mothers of two children each, they juggle legitimate legal problems with household duties most moms know well. "My home office is right downstairs inside my house," Michele says, "so when I'm upstairs I'm 'Mommy' and when I'm downstairs I'm a lawyer."

In this sneak preview of the premiere episode, the friends help new intern and Long Island-transplant Elise translate the colorful Long Island-lingo, where "people will call you 'doll' and 'sweetie' and 'honey,'" Elura says. "The best thing about owning our own business is we got our accents back."

Watch the first 5 minutes of the premiere episode before its television debut, then tune in for the series premiere of "Staten Island Law" on Saturday, Jan. 12 at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.

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