Military Veterans Earn The Most In These States

Wait... Alaska?!

You probably could've guessed that U.S. military veterans living close to the Pentagon make a decent living. But how about veterans in the country's two most geographically isolated states?

Turns out that veterans in Alaska and Hawaii make more, on average, than their compatriots near the Department of Defense headquarters in the Virginia suburbs of Washington.

In honor of Veterans Day, the Census Bureau released a collection of statistics that reveal information on the more than 21 million living American veterans.

Using the median household income for veterans in each state, we rounded up the top five states where veterans earn the most.

  • 5 District of Columbia
    Number of resident veterans:&nbsp;<strong>30,520</strong><br>Median household income for veterans:&nbsp;<strong>$79,629</stro
    Allan Baxter via Getty Images
    Number of resident veterans: 30,520
    Median household income for veterans: $79,629
    Number of veteran-owned businesses: 5,142
  • 4 Virginia
    Number of resident veterans: <strong>726,470</strong><br>Median household income for veterans:&nbsp;<strong>$82,865</strong><
    Sean Pavone via Getty Images
    Number of resident veterans: 726,470
    Median household income for veterans: $82,865
    Number of veteran-owned businesses: 76,997
  • 3 Hawaii
    Number of resident veterans:&nbsp;<strong>112,625</strong><br>Median household income for veterans:&nbsp;<strong>$85,352</str
    heyengel via Getty Images
    Number of resident veterans: 112,625
    Median household income for veterans: $85,352
    Number of veteran-owned businesses: 11,297
  • 2 Alaska
    Number of resident veterans:&nbsp;<strong>71,004</strong><br>Median household income for veterans:&nbsp;<strong>$85,518</stro
    deebrowning via Getty Images
    Number of resident veterans: 71,004
    Median household income for veterans: $85,518
    Number of veteran-owned businesses: 8,013
  • 1 Maryland
    Number of resident veterans:&nbsp;<strong>427,068</strong><br>Median household income for veterans:&nbsp;<strong>$89,378</str
    Sean Pavone via Getty Images
    Number of resident veterans: 427,068
    Median household income for veterans: $89,378
    Number of veteran-owned businesses: 51,427
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