Station Wagon to Space

Like science? You've come to the right place. Today marks the debut of HuffPost Science, where I hope you'll enjoy delving into the fascinating and ever-changing world of all things scientific -- from cutting-edge research conducted in gleaming labs to awesome discoveries from deep space. Too wonky for you? HuffPost isn't above a cheeky look at the scientific underpinnings of everyday life. Like what explains the weird mating rituals of the hyena? And why do women find guys with deep voices so hunky?

In other words, HuffPost Science aims to entertain as well as inform.

It's hard to overestimate the contributions of science to modern life -- from heart transplants to this guy. Of course, science's greatest gift may be the belief that it will unlock all the secrets of the universe.

Or is it multiverse? I'll get back to you on that one.

HuffPost loves telling stories about scientists and their work, and I'm not alone in lauding the accumulation of scientific knowledge. But while I'm an unabashed fan of science, I'm also a bit of a skeptic. Science can't solve all our problems. And who doubts that science has shown vast destructive power? Think atom bombs. Given the pluses and minuses, my hope is that HuffPost Science sparks a well-informed conversation about science -- opinionated, yes, but never mean-spirited. In any case, unless you've forsaken the modern world for a primitive dwelling deep in the woods, science is part of the molecular structure of life. HuffPost Science is here to put it under the microscope.

As for me, I'm proof that you don't have to be a scientist to love science. An English major, I've made a career writing about science, mostly of the medical sort -- and some of my fondest memories show a pronounced geek streak. As a boy I learned to make gunpowder and enjoyed igniting the stuff. My mother was none too happy about the pyrotechnics. But mom happily sanctioned the perilous space missions my brother and I embarked on in the family launch vehicle, a.k.a. dad's station wagon. She even sewed my brother a space suit, complete with an air hose.

I'm a parent myself now, and doing all I can to foster a passion for science in my kids. I'm always talking about science. I read science books aloud to them -- even rope them in to the occasional science lecture. And now I encourage them to be regular visitors to HuffPost Science.

I encourage you too.