7 Reasons To Bring Back Actual Letter-Writing (On Good Stationery)

7 Reasons To Bring Back Actual Letter-Writing (On Good Stationery)

It was hard to imagine back in the days of Lisa Frank paper packs and Ann Geddes calendars that there could ever be a time when stationery would be extinct. And while we're not going to say that the art of letter writing is completely dead (for the sake of all the letterpress lovers among us -- ourselves included), the excitement we once shared for handwritten, mailman-delivered thank you notes, updates and testaments of our loved ones' affects isn't quite what it was years ago.

But a new wave of digital (and traditional) stationers are restoring our faith. Here, from the desk of HuffPost Home, is a look at 7 stationers who are bringing that love for letters back.

In what might be the most clever convergence of digital and traditional stationery design, Felt App lets you write a note on your iPad with your finger or stylus before it mails your card off the traditional (snail mail) route. Check out a cute video on how it works here.
Paperless Post x Kelly Wearstler
When one of our favorite designers teams up with one of our favorite e-invitation sites, what's not to love? This collaboration kicked off last month, featuring an assortment of Wearstler-esque digital paper goods that can also be printed and mailed the traditional way.
Hashtag The Shop
Whether it's the fact that these stationery sets are made in Brooklyn or that they feature hand-drawn images from the clever webcomic Hashtag The Planet, our love for the work of graphic artist Liss West is undeniable, and totally hashtagable. #dontyouagree?
Modern Day Snail Mail
While not for sale, designer Cristina Vanko's "Modern Day Snail Mail" project is renewing our hope in the written word. After finding her father's old calligraphy pen, Vanko began answering friends' text messages with photographs of handwritten replies, Dezeen magazine explains."After texting some doodles, I decided to send handwritten messages to people for that next week," Vanko said. The response? Handwritten replies from friends.Read more about what Vanko learned from the experiment and how she plans to keep it going here.
Yellow Owl Workshop
"Great party starts with a thoughtful invitation" is how the description for Yellow Owl Workshop's Animal Holiday Party Kit reads, and we couldn't agree more.This kit contains everything you need to celebrate with eight guests, including imprintable invitations with envelopes, seals and adorable party favor bags.$16, artsymodern.com
Effie's Paper
Although she'd be lost without her iPad, Effie's Paper founder Kalyn Johnson Chandler says she's ultimately a paper girl. And we're all better off for it. Case in point? These hipster holiday cards she's selling over on Etsy.
Step 1: Crowdsource addresses via secure online address book.Step 2: Pick a card from independent designers across the U.S.Step 3: Use real handwriting to type as many notecards as you'd like.Step 4: Sit back and revel in the ingenuity of Postable, who'll print, stuff, stamp and mail your messages out for you.

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