Statue Of Liberty Evacuated After Bomb Threat

Statue of Liberty from the tour cruise.
Statue of Liberty from the tour cruise.

The Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island were deemed safe Friday afternoon following an evacuation due to a bomb threat.

Someone called 911 on Friday morning and said "they were going to blow up the Statue of Liberty," according to a statement by the National Park Service. The Associated Press reported that a bomb-sniffing dog indicated something suspicious in a locker area.

On social media, crowds of people could be seen leaving the popular New York City tourist attraction. CNN reported that everyone was evacuated and only emergency personnel were left on the island.

The NYPD's bomb squad also investigated, the Wall Street Journal reported. New York Police Department spokesman Steve David told the Associated Press that nothing harmful was found in the lockers.

Though the threat turned out to be false, trips to the island have been canceled for the rest of the day.

This is a developing story and has been updated.