One Statue Perfectly Captures Mansplaining

One Statue Perfectly Captures Mansplaining

Mansplaining and manspreading: Every woman's nightmare.

Twitter user Cathy de la Cruz tweeted an image of a statue on May 22 of a man standing with one foot on a bench speaking to a woman sitting down. Underneath the image, Cruz wrote: "#Mansplaining The Statue." But, actually.

The statue, named "New Friends," lives on the San Antonio, Texas campus of the University of the Incarnate Word, a private Catholic University. The bronze duo might be "new friends," or the dude might simply be explaining what a bench is and how to use it to this poor young lady (a.k.a. mansplaining). And he's manspreading -- what a gem.

Twitter users appreciated the joke, retweeting the image over 2,500 times after writer Ann Friedman gave a shout-out:

The Internet offered some hilarious and imaginative ideas about the topic of conversation between the two bronze models:

One woman even chimed in that the statue looked familiar to her, tweeting an image of a very similar duo at Purdue University:

So there you have it: Mansplaining is literally set in bronze.

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