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Stay Awake and Aligned in 2015

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I bet in some area of your life you have "woken up" to what felt true for you. Whether it be in your career, relationships, adventures, spiritual practices, or the town you call home, you felt in alignment with your Soul, God, The Universe, Mother Nature, or the Highest Version of Yourself.

Maybe you still are doing that thing that totally clicks. Or maybe subconsciously you felt unworthy for life to feel that wonderful and you reverted back to something lesser to stay safe and mediocre.

Here's the thing, though: Once you feel alignment you can't un-feel it. Once you wake up a little it's hard to go back to sleep. When you have felt something to be true for yourself and end up settling for something less, the contrast between the aligned and the mediocre is too intense to bear.

I know that particular contrast all too well. Since 2011, I have been teaching yoga as my primary source of income. I felt on-purpose and inspired to show up in my most creative and bright way. Underneath the excitement of fulfilling my dharma however, were some old beliefs that I took on long ago from well meaning relatives. Many people probably share this one: "Work is supposed to be hard, difficult, boring, and not inspiring. You are supposed to be part of the daily grind just like everyone else."

Twice, I listened to that fear voice. I got scared and gave up all my classes and pursued something more "stable." The bargain I energetically make is: "Sure, I'll sell my soul a bit for a steady paycheck, I probably really can't make it anyway as a yoga teacher, coach, and healer."

My heart would cry out during those periods when I was not teaching and not using my talents and gifts in my most inspired way. I couldn't help but remember the part of my favorite novel, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, when the boy and his heart have a conversation. The heart explains that after a while, when people choose not to listen to their hearts, the heart ends up speaking more quietly to them, so they will not suffer.

Despite the fictional nature of the story, the Universal Truth inspires me to always connect with and follow my Heart.

I feel so much gratitude that now, through a series of wonderful circumstances, that I am back on my mat teaching.

So allow the beginning of the year to inspire honest self-inquiry: When have you experienced true alignment? When have you awakened to something that felt so right and true? What experiences, people, places, and self-care activities leave you feeling vibrant? Does your work and your duties inspire you to shine at your fullest capacity?

Perhaps your most connected moments and experiences do not reflect your current situation at all. The knowledge of what it is that lights you up, however, can propel you to truly live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

I wish you all a bright, vibrant, and inspired 2015.


Carolyn Jean

I teach yoga in the San Francisco Bay area, visit my website HERE