'Stay Away From Seattle Day': The Weirdest 'Holiday'? (VIDEO)

The Oddest City Holiday Ever?

Most cities in America court tourists feverishly. New York, for instance, boasts a mega-tourism juggernaut, which recently hoped to draw gay travelers looking to get hitched after the same-sex marriage law passed back in June.

But not Seattle. The city of grunge, Starbucks and Microsoft is instead shunning tourists on what they're calling "National Stay Away From Seattle Day." Hallmark even created an e-card for the holiday, with the apt description:

Because frankly Seattle doesn't want you coming around, stinking up the joint. And last time you tracked mud all over the carpet and some of the special occasion dinnerware went missing. Seattle will let you know when it's ready to see you again. Until then, keep your distance. You think we're kidding but really this day was championed by Seattle residents tired of sharing their space with tourists.

Another site has a cute little e-card, complete with a graphic of two guys from New York and St. Louis — with the Statue of Liberty and the Gateway Arch, respectively — slowly moving away from a Seattle guy with the Space Needle on his head.

So what's the deal? Do you think cities should create anti-tourism days a la Seattle (though there is no confirmation that the city tourism bureau is behind this in any way)? Will the unwelcoming nature of this day spread to other cities? Leave it in comments.

Flickr: dherrera_96

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