4 Ways To Stay Fit And Happy Over 50

Most people talk about growing older as if it is a bad thing. We stress about deeper wrinkles, grayer (or thinner) hair, and aching joints. We assume that the quality of our lives will dwindle until we are sitting in our rocking chairs reminiscing about "the good ole days." Some of that might happen, but life is what you make it -- no matter how old you are. If you treat your body right, it will treat you right back. Staying in shape, making sure your body gets what it needs, and taking care of yourself will greatly improve your later years, without a doubt.


We all know how important exercise is, right? Not only does it help keep our bodies at a healthy weight, but it also helps reduce the risk of dangerous diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Given this information, why is it that so many people are couch potatoes? The truth is, you can't always see the benefits from exercise, even when they are present in the body. This lack of proof that it is working wears on a person's motivation, making them more prone to skip their exercise. Give it more time, and stay consistent. As you get older your body will be able to withstand the aging process better, and will lower your risk of some injuries and sicknesses.


Just like exercise, getting the right nutrition is important throughout your life, not just as you age. Unfortunately, not many people see the value of it until their body feels the adverse effects of eating poorly. You don't realize how crappy the wrong food can make you feel until you are years into your bad habits, feeling sluggish and sick most of the time. If you live a balanced life fueling your body right, age won't be such a slap in the face.


As I get older, the slow decline in my energy is becoming apparent. I think most people can agree that they do not have the same energy levels they did when they were younger. We all look back longingly at our refused naps when we were kids, wishing we could take them now. The thing is, our bodies slow down production on many things as we age, especially hormones. Not only does low hormone levels decrease our energy, but we also experience many other negative symptoms. Luckily there are ways to boost your testosterone or estrogen naturally, to try and combat the urge to be a couch potato.


You are only as old as you feel, right? At least that's what everyone says. When you give in to the process of growing older, you are only going to feel older. There is nothing wrong with channeling your inner child and living a little, in fact I encourage it. You should never allow yourself to feel "too old" to do anything that you want to do, even if you think you are. Remember how much you loved to color as a child? Break out your coloring pencils and get back to it! Get lost in the moment for a few hours, and you may be surprised at how therapeutic it can be. There is a reason that adult coloring books became so popular, after all.

No one wants to believe that one day you will grow older, and somehow let life escape you. The truth is, you don't have to. There is no secret "rule book" out there that dictates how we should spend our time here on earth, and there's good reason for that. You can do whatever you want, at whatever age. The only limitations are the ones you set for yourself. As long as you take care of your body and mind, you can find good health and happiness after 50, which is what we all really hope for.

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