Stay United Team Bernie, Mainstream Media Is Just Selling the Drama

TOPSHOT - Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders addresses a primary election night rally in Carson, California, Ma
TOPSHOT - Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders addresses a primary election night rally in Carson, California, May 17, 2016. Sanders scored a decisive victory over Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary in Oregon, boosting his argument for keeping his underdog campaign alive through the conclusion of the primary process. Several US networks called the Pacific northwest state for the liberal Sanders, who was leading the former secretary of state 53 percent to 47 percent. Earlier in the night, Clinton claimed victory in an extraordinarily tight race in the state of Kentucky. / AFP / ROBYN BECK (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

As the crucial primaries in California and New Jersey approach, the foot soldiers of the Democratic Party establishment in the media have gone full throttle with the propaganda machine. Not that things were too much better to begin with. Back in December 2015 I wrote about Donald Trump receiving 23 times more prime time minutes of coverage than Bernie Sanders. This February I also wrote about the sycophantic endorsement of Hillary Clinton by the New York Times and the relentless series of anti-Sanders articles unleashed by the Washington Post. In March of this year Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) published a list of 16 articles attacking Bernie Sanders that were published by the WaPo website over a 16 hour period between March 6 and March 7.

Of late though, the rhetoric has been sensationalist and one-sided even by the usual standards of these supposed liberal publications. Bernie is not afraid of "hurting" Clinton screamed one NYT headline, the article implying that Bernie will take on Clinton even if this means risking her losing to Trump if she is nominated. Fox News' Douglas Schon pitched in with an OpEd that claimed Bernie is "throwing Hillary to the Trumpian wolves". According to the Chicago Tribune's Thomas Bowen, Sanders and his supporters are harming the Democrat Party and helping Trump. According to Bowen, the race is already over.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the dishonest yet potent message many sections of mainstream media are repeating the most; that the race is already over.

It is not.

That is all, the Primaries are not yet over, Hillary Clinton has not yet reached the required number of delegates and the super delegates remain a wild card whose direction at the Democratic National Convention no one can predict with any certainty. Now more than ever, it is important for all those who have supported Bernie Sanders' political revolution to remain steadfast.

As I wrote last month, we signed up for a political revolution, not just to be fair-weather supporters. I hear far too many voices on social media already talking about either "writing in" Bernie Sanders if he does not win the nomination or voting for Donald Trump to keep Clinton from winning the Presidency.

No. Just no.

I don't even know where to begin in criticizing those two suggestions. Suffice it to say that the former will be an impotent act that will not make an iota of a difference to the outcome and the latter will gift the presidency to a megalomaniacal charlatan with fascist leanings who is the antithesis of Bernie Sanders.

This is what Bernie Sanders has stated clearly: he is in this primary to the end and is taking the fight to the convention. So let us do what the person we have invested with our loyalty, time and adoration has asked; not what the false prophets of mainstream media would have us do.
So step up the phone banking, knock on more doors, keep contributing-and keep up those Facebook posts-occupying as much of social media as possible is crucial. That is where this movement has been nurtured and has grown strong.

Follow Sanders' lead. Ignore the rest. This is exactly what the opponents and naysayers of Bernie Sanders want-doubt and dissension. Because the logical conclusion of that is disarray and defeat.

Don't give them what they want.