12 Ways To Stay Home And Bond Like You're On A Family Vacation

Because staycations are highly underrated.

You don't have to travel far and wide to reap the benefits of a solid family vacation. In fact, some of the best trips can be spent in the comfort of your own city. Staying home during your time off means you can skip the annoying airport lines, expensive hotels and stressful hours planning sightseeing activities. Sounds pretty great, right?

If you're planning a staycation for you and your family, scroll through the list below for ways to unplug and explore home sweet home with the ones you love most.

Have A Movie Marathon
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Throw in a tasty popcorn recipe, snuggle up on the couch with your family and you're bound to have the best day ever.
Throw A Device-Free Dinner Party
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You can even make the meal preparation a family activity. Not only will you catch up with loved ones, you'll get the chance to really enjoy your food without the interruption of texts and notifications.
Explore Your City Like A Tourist
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Whether you visit your city's art museum or stop in one of the area's local coffee shops, take a day to rediscover where you live. Not only will you gain a new appreciation for your surroundings, you'll probably discover new ways to enjoy your home town.
Treat Yourself To An At-Home Spa Day
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Pampering yourself and your loved ones doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. Instead of splurging on a facial or massage, take advantage of the relaxation-inducing resources already at your disposal. Break out that face mask you've always wanted to try. DIY your own face scrub. And sit back and relax, together.
Make A Reservation At THAT Fancy Restaurant
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We all have that restaurant in town that's reserved for "special occasions." During your staycation, make plans to visit the restaurant and splurge on some good food. You deserve to celebrate being unplugged.
Take A Trip To The Bookstore
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How long has it been since you read a physical book? If you're answer is "over a year," or even worse, "I can't remember," it's time you reacquaint yourself with the pleasures of getting lost in a good read. Swing by the bookstore to pick up something new or dust off a copy you've had sitting on the shelf at home.
Try Your Hand At A Challenging Recipe
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A staycation is the perfect time to attempt that delicious food blogger recipe you've been too scared to make. Without your texts or email you'll be able to fully focus on whipping up something special.
Bust Out The Art Supplies
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Doing something creative has been shown to lower stress levels in adults, plus it's just downright fun. Using your hands is also a nice change from the digitally-focused work you're used to tackling at the office. And doing it with family members can be a great time to bond without forcing conversation. Not a painter or illustrator? Try getting crafty with an at-home DIY project.
Plan A Coffee Date
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Instead of enjoying your morning coffee alone, why not round up the family to share a latte with at your favorite bakery? Use this time to chat about things other than work, like exciting family news or what you're hoping to accomplish in the coming months.
Stay In Bed
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Netflix and chill, breakfast in bed, snuggling with your partner. When you're free from the pull of the Internet, take every excuse you can to cozy up under the covers. You should also make time for extra sleep, so you'll feel reseted and refreshed when you return to work.
Make A Vision Board
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Vision boards, or photo-based collages meant to help you creatively map our your dreams for the future, are great day-off projects for you and your family members. They help you reevaluate where you're going and celebrate how far you've come. To get started, tear into that stack of old magazine and cut out pictures that speak to you.
Solve A Big Puzzle
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If you still want to feel productive during your time off, do a puzzle with your loved ones. The old school activity keeps your mind engaged without making you feel stressed or exhausted.

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