10 Tips For Staying Sane On A Long Flight

Flying economy class isn't always the most comfortable experience, but that doesn't have to be the case. Here are a few tips to help improve your flight, even just the slightest bit.

Even better than gum

These ear plugs help to prevent your ears from popping while you're miles high.

A simple answer to no in flight entertainment

Avoid the fast food in airports

In higher altitudes it's harder for your body to digest foods that are high in fat and sodium and can lead to nausea. Drop the cheeseburger and fries and go for a yogurt instead. It can help aid in digestion.

Go for the vegetarian meals

Dry air and high cabin pressure dull taste buds on aircrafts so in flight meals remedy this with extra salt. So opt for the vegetarian option because it has less salt and is healthier for you according to AARP.

Treat. Yo. Self.

Skip liquids all together

Just add water and these sheets can do everything from clean your clothes to wash your hands.

Reset your watch

The moment you get on the plane change your watch to the time in the destination you arrive. If it's daytime there, then stay awake. If it's night then sleep. This will really help you beat jet lag.

Avoid congestion with early morning flights

empty airport

There is less congestion in airports during the early morning because there are less flights according to USA Today. Also Saturdays tend to be the least busy day in the airport.

Buy an external charging device

Don't worry about your phone dying on a long flight with this charging purse.

Be strategic in your seat choice

Not all airplane seats are created equally. Emergency seat exit seats don't recline, but also have more leg room. So here's a detailed guide for the best seat to meet your needs.

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