Steady, Set ,Go!

Sometimes I find myself not completing projects. Maybe I am not getting the immediate results I want, maybe I have changed my mind or simply lost interest in an idea or project. When I sit down and analyze why some of my ideas don’t happen I need to look at the ideas that did. I have to force myself to reverse engineer my results. In every case, there is one reason that I fail. Simply put, I fail to stay the course.

I think that the reason this happens is because in today's society, we are so used to instant gratification that we get disheartened when things don't happen when we think they should. This subconscious quitting happens to everyone. It happens less to successful people. Success is not about money, for me success has become doing what I want, when I want, with the people I want.

While we all are guilty of this, I think high energy people like me are particularly susceptible to expending huge amounts of resources to something and then not finishing it. Instead of quitting, I have found that there is a remedy.

The solution for me in many cases is remaining steady. A regular, even and consistent effort in development, frequency or intensity. Remember success not only loves sequence, it requires it.

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