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Do You Even Have Any Idea How You Like Your Steak Cooked? (PHOTO)

Are you even asking for it the right way?

In any restaurant worth its salt, or any cook's home who has any idea what they're doing (unlike this guy), you will get asked how you'd like your steak cooked. Most of us have a stock answer to this, as ingrained within our hearts and minds as our favorite color or middle names. But are you asking for your steak the way you actually like it?

We've seen it time and time again in restaurants -- someone orders a steak medium rare, cuts into it and deems it far too rare. You are absolutely, without question entitled to eating your steak at the temperature you prefer, but we want to make sure you're asking for the right thing. Do you really know how you like your steak cooked?

Can we all agree on this? The servers and chefs of the world will thank you.

[via Reddit]

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