10 Steak Recipes That'll Make You Feel Like A Grill Master

And why you should invest in more expensive meat.

If you want an epic summertime meal, grill a couple of steaks. It’s easy, it’s quick, but most importantly, it’s really good. There are a couple of things you should know before you fire up that grill though, even before you pick up a steak at the store.

Dale Talde, an acclaimed chef who gained popularity when competing on “Top Chef”, told Francis Lam on Splendid Table, “You have to invest in a great steak. If you’re at the supermarket rummaging around the $5.99-7.99 part of a butcher shop, you’re lost already.” Actually, Talde says you should be inching up closer to the $20/pound range.

And, once you do that, stick to the same cut if you want to master it. “Find a cut, fall in love with it, and make it yours. If you love ribeye, cook a ribeye every time,” Talde says. “Stick to it and master it.”

We found some great steak recipes. Pick the one you like and cook it all summer long.

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