Steal His Fashion: Menswear Inspired Looks

Menswear has definitely been a source of female style inspiration for many years.

Is this because guy inspired fashion has the ability to provide a polished look, which in turn allows us gals to exude a certain kind of power and conviction?

Maybe it's simply because rocking some sneakers is just way more comfortable than a crippling pair of high heels. I don't know, you do the math.

All that I can say is that there is just something so incredibly chic about a woman confidently working a pant suit.

Male prints and fabrics allow women to play up a stronger suit as opposed to the stereotypically softer, more colorful hues and materials associated with female fashion. The simplicity of menswear really is something to embrace, and when embellished with hints of feminine touches, can create a look that is both stunningly androgynous and convenient to wear.

So relinquish sartorial convention and try picking up a few tricks from the boys by adding just the right amount of dude to your feminine duds. Add several of these very potentially posh pieces into your style repertoire for a surefire way to get some heads turning.

Oxford Shirt

Flattering on any body type, the button-down oxford shirt can be played up or down in a myriad of occasions. This type of shirt provides an irrefutably refined appearance when paired with any form of bottom from shorts to slacks to a pleated skirt.

Add a touch of casual and layer an unbuttoned oxford over a tank and some jeans or try it under a blazer for a preppy ensemble. The denim chambray oxford is always a great alternative when looking for an edgier contemporary aesthetic.

The Power Suit

With the creation of Yves Saint Laurent's le smoking, the first female crafted tuxedo suit, it became a controversial statement of femininity to blur the lines of masculinity and transcending gender rules in an entirely new fashion.

The sleek semblance of a power suit commands respect and attention to any woman courageous enough to don this three-piece affair. Perfect for any professional environment, the suit is a quiet way of telling everyone not to mess with you.

Try a simple pantsuit at the office or play it up for a social occasion by trying the all white suit or wearing a bandeau under your jacket instead of a full on button-up blouse.

Feel free to mix and match the separate pieces with other articles of clothing, and try a bold lipstick color for a funky yet classic ensemble.

Watch Out

One of my favorite aspects about menswear is the watch. I love a good masculine watch; therefore I see no harm in borrowing from the gentlemen when it comes to timepieces. I believe in chunky watchbands and wide opulent faces with intricate inner mechanics.

A stylish and high quality watch will never go out of style and will become a piece that you can cherish for years to come and wear on a daily basis (so that you'll never again be fashionably late).

Pair your watch with gold bracelets and bangles for a feminine touch. Just because you have delicate wrists doesn't mean you don't have to be on time, am I right?


Although one may initially think of the overall as a male worker's uniform, they are certainly back in style and incredibly comfortable to wear both day and night. The denim onesie can be a very tricky look to pull off successfully. The main issue with this item typically is how to wear it in a fashionable and unfarmer-esque manner.

In order to achieve a stylish overall-based outfit, avoid the spaghetti strap tank, flannel top, or bralette (this isn't the 90's any more) and elect to wear more mature under-layers such as delicate blouses, striped tees and crisp white shirts. Long legged pant overalls are perfect for the upcoming fall season over a knit sweater or jersey tee.

Sporty Chick

Athletic inspired gear isn't only for the guys on the football team. The appropriate mix of polo shirt and even sweats can all come together to conceive a very "trendy girl meets urban downtown" appeal.

Beat the boys at their own game by adding flashy accessories and touches of feminine flare for a look that's just downright cool. Channel your inner tomboy and pair a varsity jacket with a feminine silhouette such as a skirt or a dress with a collared neckline.

I tip my hat to all of the well-dressed gentlemen of the world, but your pastel colored Dockers and floral print blazers are no match for a lady in a well fitted tuxedo jacket (although your attempts at feminine wear are definitely not going unnoticed).

But it looks like us girls are giving you a run for your money, and proving to be standout competitors in your very own playing field.