Stealing Bikes In Casey Neistat 'Bike Thief' Experiment Easy Task (VIDEO)

Would you stop a man visibly attempting to jack a bike with a crowbar?

As filmmaker Casey Neistat proves in his latest video for The New York Times, most New Yorkers are likely to just walk on by.

Neistat, whose past videos include the infamous Zuccotti Park eviction brilliantly set to the tune of "New York, New York," conducts an eye-opening experiment in which he tries to steal his own locked bike openly in front of bystanders.

As the experiment continues, he escalates the attempts to more "audacious" locations including directly outside a police station.

The Op-Doc video for The Times seeks to raise awareness of the efforts needed to protect cyclists and their property, especially in light of the increased ridership population here in the city. Back in 2007, an estimated 60,000 bikes were reported stolen, with only 2 percent recovered.

Watch below as a real bike thief unsuccessfully attempts to steal a bike in the Lower East Side (with no interference, of course):