Man Allegedly Steals Security Camera So Grandma Won't See Him Masturbate

It's a touchy situation.

It was a stroke of bad luck.

A burglary suspect in West Virginia has a bizarre rationale behind allegedly stealing a home’s security cameras: He didn’t want his grandma to see him masturbating.

Tristan Tucker of St. Albans was charged with daytime burglary last Thursday for a crime reported on April 23 to the Dunbar Police Dept.

Tucker’s grandmother accused him of repeatedly breaking into her house through a window and disarming security cameras and DVR system, according to

When police questioned the 27-year-old suspect, he allegedly confessed to the break-ins and gave an odd explanation as to why. Police said Tucker told them he originally broke into Grandma’s house through a window so he could charge his cell phone.

As the phone was charging, Tucker said he started watching porn on it and that led him to masturbate, according to WLOS TV.

That’s when Tucker found himself in a sticky situation. He didn’t want his grandmother to see him masturbating in her home so he allegedly stole “the security cameras and the DVR box,” according to a criminal complaint obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Tucker then said he stomped on the cameras before throwing them away in the river.

But here’s the rub. Tucker didn’t destroy the DVR. He allegedly just hid it somewhere on his grandma’s property.

Authorities found it and were able to view footage of their touchy suspect illegally breaking into his grandmother’s house on numerous occasions.

The criminal complaint did not note whether or not the footage showed Tucker pleasuring himself.

He remains behind bars at a local jail on $10,000 bond.

No word on whether he sent his grandmother a Mother’s Day card.



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