Man Allegedly Steals Plane, Tells Traffic Controller: 'I'm A Pedophile, Tony'

A Nevada man was arrested after allegedly stealing a plane and telling an air traffic controller that he is a pedophile.

On Saturday, 27-year-old Evan Grant, who was a former flight student, went to a Las Vegas airport and allegedly stole a plane, according to ABC News. While he was in the air, Grant made a startling confession.

"I'm a pedophile, Tony," Grant can be heard saying in audio obtained by Live ATC.

Grant talks to the traffic controller for close to an hour. The man, identified only as Tony, can be heard trying to calm the suspect.

"I just want to get you down on the ground safely," Tony says in the audio. "We'll grab some coffee, go to my house, whatever. We'll have a -- we'll just talk, OK? Just come on down."

Grant allegedly admits to sexually abusing a child after spending the past 14 years trying to "change the way I think," according to 8 News Now.

"For the first time in my life, I had a weak moment," Grant says. "I did things to one of my best friend's son."

The suspect eventually landed the plane, saying: "I've already committed enough felonies."

Grant was charged with grand larceny. On Tuesday, he was charged with two counts of lewdness with a child, according to the Associated Press.