Steelers Fans Lose It After NFL Reverses Call On Touchdown Catch

"The NFL is so rigged," one fan wrote.

When it comes to what constitutes a catch in pro football, most people use a definition similar to what Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once said about porn: We know it when we see it.

And Jesse James’ apparent touchdown reception to put the Pittsburgh Steelers ahead of the New England Patriots Sunday with 28 seconds left looked like a touchdown. It was ruled a touchdown on the field.

But NFL replay officials overruled the call, saying the pass was incomplete.

“We were inside of two minutes, and in order to have a completed pass, a receiver must survive going to the ground,” official Tony Corrente explained to ESPN. “In this case, he had control of the football, but he was going to the ground. As he hit the ground, the ball began to roll and rotate and the ball hit the ground, and that’s the end of it at that point.”

The ruling changed the outcome of the game featuring the two Super Bowl contenders. The Patriots won, 27-24

The Pittsburgh faithful ― and even some non-Steelers fans ― were aghast.

We commend the league’s effort to NFLsplain the ruling, but ... 

That’s probably not making Steelers fans feel any better.



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